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In the State of New York a person can see a physical therapist directly without a prescription from a doctor.

Check with your insurance company to see if they require a doctor's precription to utilize your insurance benefits.

Insurance Accepted (in network)
Blue Cross Blue Shield

Insurance  (out of network)
Assistance with forms for those who have other insurances

What does "out of network" mean?
Most insurance plans have "out of network" benefits that apply to practioners that do not directly participate with your insurance company.
"In network" benefits apply to practioners that have a contract with your insurance company to see patients with that insurance.

How do I find out about my "out of network benefits?
You have to first check to see if you insurance plan provides "out of network" benefits for physical therapy. All plans are different so you have to call the number on the back of your insurance card to find out. Ask, "What are my benefits for out of network physical therapy?"
Usually these benefits pay somewhere around 70 to 80% of the therapy charges but only after you have met your out of network deductible.

How do I use them?
First, payment in full is made directly to Wenning Physical Therapy for services rendered. Then, I can either (1) give you an invoice with all the nescessary information that you would submit to your insurance company or (2) I can submit the charges directly to them. After they process the charges and your deductible is met, you will start to receive reimbursements for your payments.

How is this better for me?
Think of what is your normal, out of pocket, co-pay for an in network PT visit. Is it $20, $25, or $30? Some are as high as $50.

Compare that to using "out of network" and what you will pay out of pocket.

For the $140 visit charge, 80% coverage would reimburse you $112,
making out of pocket for you $28.
For the $140 visit charge, 70% coverage would reimburse you $98,
making out of pocket for you $42.
Of course, you have to meet you deductible first. That can be anywhere from $500 to $2,000. Every plan is different so you need to check and remember that the deductible may be being met by visits to other helthcare professionals.

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